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Tokyo trip our 10 years of experience
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10 years of experience



Hi everyone, my name is Nicolas Wauters and I’m the founder of Tokyo Trip.

The Tokyo Trip adventure started in 2013 on a simple idea of offering walks through Tokyo and other places of Japan. Walks that would be different from those offered by common tour guides or paper tour guides to be able to offer a custom made day tour (or more) the feeling of “As you live there" to the most curious travelers. 

I would never imagine that a simple website created from my apartment in Tokyo would grow up this way. Through the years, my services were offered to many travel agencies and I was able to guide hundreds of travelers in a year in the capital city and through Japan. The goal has never changed, to share this passion for Japan with you.

More than just sharing my passion for Japan, this adventure gave me the chance to meet many travelers, take part in unforgettable experiences with them and build some friendship links. Thanks to all the members for the shown trust.

After a decade of growing my activities in Japan and having done over a thousand tours (A one day tour in Tokyo, a stay through Japan or even having been part of the Olympic Games of Tokyo by helping Belgian reporters), my team and I grew some experience we would be glad to share with you during your next stay in the country.

Having mastered the tour guide activities, it belongs to me to overcome "the cliché" of Japan. These don't reflect the beauty of the country and the kindness of its inhabitants.


Our goal is to offer you a high quality service, adapted to your will and preferences by easing your stay in this wonderful country.

We can’t wait to meet you in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

Nicolas Wauters Tokyo trip tour guide

42.000 km+

Since 2013 we have walked over 42.000 km to discover Tokyo... 

And even more if we add the train and car travels...


Growing since its creation, we have increased the number of tours through the years and have made about 3.200 tours in Japan.


Even by doing only private tours since 2013, we could have the chance to meet 7.800 travellers and hope we could share them our love of Japan as following that they speak about it to their surroundings...

Tokyo Trip in figures

since its creation

Nicolas Wauters Japan book Japan quiet and tumult


Book "Japan : Tranquility and tumult"

During the Corona crisis, Nicolas Wauters wrote his first photo & tour guide book about japan (Racine edition - Belgium). Tokyo Trip could fill the lack of tourists during the pandemic by making the promotion of Japan. The book has been sold in the 32 travel agency stores even as many bookstores (about 350).

Tokyo trip Tokyo 2020 olympic games


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Thanks to his knowledge of the capital city, Tokyo Trip was grateful to be certified and take part of the Olympic and Paralympic games of Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo Trip attented the Belgian television crew during the whole games period. It happened from the inside of the facilities as the approaches and short documentary about Japan. (Fuji Mountain, Baseball museum, etc...).

Nicolas Wauters documentary


Co-director japan documentary

In 2017 could Tokyo Trip assist a huge Belgian documentary filmmaker, Maximilien Dauber, for the making of his last documentary about Japan. 

The investment of Tokyo Trip in the solicitation and sharing of places gives the nomination of co-director to Nicolas Wauters (Tokyo Trip). The movie will be soon presented (postponed due to Covid) in France, Switzerland and Belgium where Nicolas Wauters will have to lead conferences.

Our last projects

Nicolas Wauters fuji love magazine


Many press publication

With the knowledge about Japan gained these last 10 years and its portfolio created during his many travels in the country, Tokyo Trip is writing many articles for magazines specialised on the country.

Nicolas Wauters photography awards


Many photographic awards

In addition to his tour guide activities, Nicolas Wauters is also a professional photographer. He was nominated for many awards these last 2 years.

Nicolas Wauters Photography awards
Tokyo Trip hiking in Japan


2023 Launching of our hikes

Always trying to go further and higher in the sharing of Japan, we decided to create some tours focused on the Japanese "nature". As following that everyone can find his interest in Japan.


They spoke about us...

You will find in this section some media publishings of Tokyo Trip & Nicolas Wauters, even as some press articles.

Nicolas Wauters book Japan quiet and tumult


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