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Tokyo trip - Guide in Japan
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Tokyo Trip - Guide in Japan
Tokyo Trip Japan guide


Our concept is pretty simple. First, Tokyo Trip welcomes you from your arrival in the country, your hotel or a prediscussed place in Tokyo. Second, Tokyo Trip guides you to the most beautiful places of the capital city and its surroundings. It can be well known, unknown or even unusual places followed by many anecdotes and details. This all happens in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

We have one goal: to share with you as many things as possible from Japan and the city of your choice during 8h a day or more. According to us, every traveler is unique and comes to visit Japan with his own expectations, wishes and preferences. The cities have so much to offer that we will do our best to fulfill your expectations and wishes by offering you a custom made day tour very different from the classic or pre-build tours.


In 2013, Tokyo Trip started by offering tours only in Tokyo. Nowadays, you can count on our staff for more Japanese regions like Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe and more… even for your whole journey.

The fundamentals of our job is to bring you to the essentials in the well known places, the most far places and even places difficult to reach.

Nicolas Wauters guide in Tokyo


Hi everyone, my name is Nicolas Wauters and I’m the founder of Tokyo Trip.


The Tokyo Trip adventure started in 2013 on a simple idea of offering walks through Tokyo and other places of Japan. Walks that would be different from those offered by common tour guides or paper tour guides to be able to offer a custom made day tour (or more) the feeling of “As you live there" to the most curious travelers.

I would never imagine that a simple website created from my apartment in Tokyo would grow up this way. Through the years, my services were offered to many travel agencies and I was able to guide hundreds of travelers in a year in the capital city and through Japan. The goal has never changed, to share this passion for Japan with you.


More than just sharing my passion for Japan, this adventure gave me the chance to meet many travelers, take part in unforgettable experiences with them and build some friendship links. Thanks to all the members for the shown trust.


After a decade of growing my activities in Japan and having done over a thousand tours (A one day tour in Tokyo, a stay through Japan or even having been part of the Olympic Games of Tokyo by helping Belgian reporters), my team and I grew some experience we would be glad to share with your during your next stay in the country.


Our goal is to offer you a high quality service, adapted to your will and preferences by easing your stay in this wonderful country.

We can’t wait to meet you in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

Tokyo trip guide in Japan

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Prepare your trip or remember your best travel souvenirs by discovering every week a region of Japan through our virtual walks in the most beautiful landscapes of Japan.

Japan Book Nicolas Wauters


Prepare your trip by ordering today your copy

  • More than 208 pages

  • 120 photos

  • An online map resuming more than 900 places to visit in Japan available on your smartphone

  • Publisher : Racine

  • In English / French / Dutch

Japan fine art print


Discover the photo website of Nicolas, find the photo that suits you the best and order it from today.

  • Framed finish / dibond / acrylic

  • A galerie resuming the most beautiful places in Japan

  • Possibility to order places and photos at your request

  • Shipping at home in within 15 days, available from 85 euros

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