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Japan is a country that calls for travel. For many people, the best season to discover Japan is its spring with the Sakura or cherry blossoms.
However, fall colors are even betters than the Pink sakura and give Japanese places and temples a unique ambiance.

It's a world full of beauty and colors that we would like to share with you on this Fall Workshop. Through this workshop, we will discover a Japan going from a small temple hidden between the buildings of Tokyo to Mt fuji during sunset time or enjoying monks praying on the top of Koyasan...


My name is Nicolas Wauters and I will accompany you throughout this Workshop to the most beautiful Japanese iconic places. 
With my experience as a tour guide and photographer, I will show you the most beautiful places in Japan while explaining my vision and my photographic technique.

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30 OCTOBER 2021-07 NOVEMBER 2021

Voyages et stages photos Japn dates


30 October to 07 November 

Voyages et stages photos Japon groupe taille


6 minimum to 8 maximum

Voyages et stages photos Japon difficultée


Easy - Moderate

Voyages et stages photos Japon en


French & English



DAYS 1 - 2 : TOKYO 

Day 1: This is the day you arrive in Japan and our Japanese photographic adventure will start in Tokyo. 
After a small meeting at your hotel lobby on the 19th at 3 PM. We will spend our first meeting to enjoy Tokyo alleys and ambiance in the evening and get to know the group on an Izakaya break.

Day 2: During this day, we will see and capture the most iconic places in the capital city. We will extend the day until evening to focus on long exposure photos and night urban landscapes...

Accommodation :

2 nights in a Toyko Hotel

Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne jour 1
Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne jour 3


On the 3rd day, after sending our luggage to Kyoto hotel in the morning, we will leave early the capital to go to our next destination, the iconic Mount-fuji.

Mount-Fuji is one of the most symbolic places in Japan and we will enjoy the Kawaguchiko area and take pictures of the mount in many places.
At sunset times, we will go to the Chureito pagoda to shoot the mount-fuji.


On day 4th: we will capture sunrise on the lake before leaving Kawaguchiko for Kyoto.

Accommodation :

1 night in a Ryokan at Kawaguchiko

Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne jour 6
Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne jour 5

DAYS 4-5-6 : KYOTO

Kyoto is a city that has kept its authenticity and traditions. We will spend 3 days there to shoot the old capital and around.

From Kawaguchiko, we will take the bullet train crossing 500 kilometers in Japan to arrive in Kyoto just after lunchtime.

During the first day and a half, we will visit the most beautiful temples such as the Fushimi Inari, the Silver Pavilion, Daigo-ji, or the Kyomizu-Dera. And we will use the beauties of Kyoto's antique ambiance to make a Kimono portrait session with Pierre Boisseaux and discover the Geisha street in the Gion district with the magnificent Yasaka pagoda.

On the third day, we will make a round trip to Nara to photograph is nature, its deers, and its temple. On the way back to Kyoto we make a stop at the Byōdō-in to capture it.

Accommodation :

3 nights in a Kyoto Hotel

Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne jour 8



Today will be full of surprises too! First, we'll leave Kyoto for a walk on Mount Koya and visit its many temples, its Buddhist ambiance, and its graveyards by night. Then we'll spend the evening and night in a monastery.

If the weather and sky are great, Mount Koya will be a good place to shot photos of stars and maybe the Milky Way.

At the dawn of the 8th day, the early risers will have the opportunity to attend the ceremony of the monks we met the day before and will be able to take pictures of them.

Accommodation :

1 night in a Koyasan monastery


This is our last night in Japan and what a better place than Osaka to enjoy it.

After having joined Osaka at the beginning of the afternoon, we will visit the city itself and shoot its castle and streets.
At the end of the day, our last session will be from an observatory at a high altitude of 220m high.

During the last evening, we will eat together in Osaka who is well known for its gastronomy.


The 9th day is also our last day together and you will have to go back home by plane. To making it easier and more comfortable, we advise you to take a flight from Osaka.

Accommodation :

1 night in a Osaka Hotel

Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne jour 8 Osaka
Voyages et stages photos Japon sujet photographique aborder


The purpose of our trip is on the one hand to discover regions of Japan, but also how to capture them.

I would like to share my knowledge with you, and my knowledge on the following points:


  • Long exposure: managing Shutter speed on cityscapes, waterfalls, crowd movement...


  • Night photos: city, architecture, stars, the Milky Way, or street with small lights


  • Panorama: the creation of panoramas with several images 


  • Bracketing: bracketing option to get high color and resolution


  • Composition: understanding light, how to create a good balance of elements, and how to deal with weather phenomena.


  • Architecture: creating effects of gigantism and managing parallels on buildings in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

  • Equipment and settings: explanation of which lens, filter or accessory to choose in the field and the settings

It's not enough to take pictures, you still need to be able to edit them. During the stay we will take the time to discuss how to use software such as Lightroom and Photoshop: 


  • Importing photos to Lightroom

  • Contrast and colors settings for beginners and advanced users

  • preset management

  • Creation of masks and adjustments in Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Export in print and web format

  • Sharpening images


During this trip, we will spend many nights in western-style hotels, but also be able to experiment with the Japanese traditional hotel "Ryokan".

During these night(s), you will sleep on a tatami room with a futon and be able to try the Japanese baths call "Onsen".
An unforgettable and very relaxing experience, especially after those walks days.

At Koya San, the Ryokan is situated in a Monastery.
You will be able to access to some Japanese monk fire ceremony and relaxation session.

*Keep in mind that the dinner in Koya san will be monks traditional food who is vegetarian and not flexible on timing delivery.

Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne hébergements traditionnels


For a Workshop in optimal conditions, we recommend the list, non-exhaustive and optional, below of the material that we think you should need in terms of devices, accessories and equipment.


  • Comfortable and waterproof shoes or boots.

  • A windbreaker or insulated jacket for some morning shoot

  • A camera backpack

  • Beanies and gloves 

  • Easy removal shoes for some temples in Japan (where you have to take off your shoes)

  • Charge adapter for Japan 

  • Charging cables 

  • Warm clothes for the Koyasan mountains

Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne matériel


  • A DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera.

  • A wide-angle lens, for instance: 14-24 MM

  • A mid-range lens, for instance: 24-70mm 

  • A telephoto lens, for instance: 70-200

  • Filters for polarizing or ND type lenses

  • A laptop with Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW

  • Charging cables and type C adapter

  • A tripod

  • A drone can be optional (some are can be fly with a drone)

Voyages et stages photos Japon en automne matériel


Almost the whole workshop is organized by us, we will pick you up at the hotel from the first day and we will be together all along our trip. We will have several opportunities to take the subway, local trains, enjoy good food and visit temples.

The JR Pass: it's the Holy Grail, it allows us to travel freely on the main lines all over Japan! We will take care of your request for JR Pass and we will go to validate it as soon as you arrive. 

Here is the list of what is included and not included during the Workshop:



  • Airfare (from Brussels) to and from Japan

  • Single or double hotels

  • The JR Pass

  • Transfers between the airport and Tokyo city

  • All the luggage transfers

  • Breakfasts

  • The two guides during the whole stay

  • The entrance of shrine in Kyoto and Osaka

  • Entrance at Skytree 350M high

  • Entrance at Osaka Observatory

  • Dinner with the monks at Koyasan

  • A subway pass with 10.000¥ for our trip

  • 1 to 1 session on Adobe Lightroom

  • occasional subway transports during free time

  • Lunch & evening meals, according to your tastes you will be free to enjoy whatever you like 

  • snacks

  • insurance

  • entrance during your free time

  • flights to and from Japan

Price: 4.399 € double

Single supplement: 500 €

Participants: 6 minimum to 8 maximum

Language: French

Difficulty: Beginner, amateur, and semi-pro photographers.  


Nicolas Wauters organisateur voyages photos Japon


My name is Nicolas, and I would be proud to be your guide throughout these 11 days Workshops in Japan.


Belgian origin and based in Tokyo since 2013, I have left my own country in 2012 to come to Japan live my dream.

Guiding and landscape photography are more than a job for me, they are two passions.

I want to share with you all my knowledge of the country and photography, so more than a simple Workshop, it will be a trip experience with people who have the same interests.

Nicolas Wauters assistant voyages photos Japon


My name is Pierre Boisseaux, I'm a photographer and videographer based in Belgium and I would be very glad to guide you during this Photography workshop in Japan.

I work mostly on portrait and landscape but I'm also into videography and manage the Youtube channel "Pierre Boisseaux".

Using my photography and videography in-depth knowledge I would do my best to help you to capture the most iconic places in Japan during those 14 days as well as teaching post-processing which helps you get the most out of your images.

Site web de Pierre:

inscription voyages photos Japon


To register for one of my next Workshops in Japan, please fill out the form on the registration page!

If you have additional expectations regarding this workshop, feel free to contact me by mail!

I can't wait to see you in Japan and frame-it it with you!

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