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Living in Japan and working as a tour guide with my company Tokyo Trip and as a photographer, I decided to combine those two jobs to create different photography Workshops.​

Using my knowledge of Japan and its famous (or less) known spots, my goal is to give you all the opportunities to get great shots while improving your technique.

Those Landscapes photography workshops will also be an opportunity to discover the country, its culture, its tradition to finally come back home with lots of memories in your head and on your hard drive as well.

Each Workshop will carefully be designed with my travel agency partner We will take a small number of participants to some truly breathtaking places around Japan.

I will do my best to make these tours unique and to make you enjoy every minute of your stay. From waking up early and capturing amazing sunrises to contemplating wonderful sunsets and going to bed lately, every moment will be full of surprises.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Japan and I'm at your disposal if you have any questions.

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Japan photography Workshops


2023 Workshops will come early and the following are already confirmed, the dates can't be finalized until around a year in advance. 
Some new destinations can also be added in a near future.

If you’re interested or want to register on the waiting list, send me an email.

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