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Fuji mountain

Full day

Fuji Mountain planning


Meeting at the entrance of the Kawaguchiko station.


We buy our bus tickets for the 5th station.


Departure to the 5th station with the bus.


Arriving at the 5th station, starting point of our ascent.


After our final preparation and the discovering of the 5th station, we will start our ascent.


Lunch break in one of the stations or with your lunchbox.


We arrive to the top of the Fuji Mountain and explore its shrine and crater.


We start the descent towards the 5th station.


We ship in the return bus at the 5th station.


Arriving at the Kawaguchiko station


Departure in train or bus towards de Shinjuku station.


Arriving at Shinjuku and end of the day.

On the roof of Japan

Who has never heard about the Fuji Mountain ? Mythical and international symbol of Japan, the revered Fuji san inspires as much as it impress with its 3.776 meters high altitude.

From July to Septembre, more than 250.000 people try to reach its flanks. Join this climbers and stroll through the roof of Japan during your next trip. You'll keep an unique and huge personnal satisfaction.

Thanks to our experience over dozen of climbs, we will accompany you on the roof of Japan.

We offer a climb "of a day" starting at the Kawaguchiko station.

Although it is accessible for everyone, this mountain will ask you some effort and about 6h to reach its top.

  • Time : 11h day, where 6h of climbing

  • Trail : Yoshida trail

  • Group : from 1 to 5 people

  • Difficulty : advanced

  • Place of departure : Kawaguchiko station

  • Price : 350 euros


Price : 53.000¥ | 375

Private group from 1 to 5 people


Other format : This formula is based on a climb at dusk with a return before 8pm at the Kawaguchiko station.

For any other formula as climbing at night or night in a lodge, please contact us for a custom quote.

Good shoes : The Fuji mountain is a volcano and its ground is volcanic. Wear some high boots and socks. We recommend you trail gaiters to avoid volcanic rocks in your shoes during the descent.


During July and August will the snow dissapear from the Fuji Mountain, with the exception of snowfields. We invite you to consult the weather forecast before your departure to be able to take appropriate clothings. We recommend you to take many light and waterproof clothes cause the weather may change throughout the ascent. Even if it remains pleasant at day.


You can buy many snacks, cup noodles and energy bars to the different stations the ascent has to offer. We recommend you to take a bottle of water and energy bar with you even as 100¥ coins for any sanitary use.




Tel: (+81) 80-6817-9220

Tokyo - Setagaya

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