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Mitake Mountain

Full day

Mitake Mountain planning


Meeting at the information office of the Shinjuku bus terminal.


We ship in the train towards the Mitake region.


After a stopover at the Ome station, we will arrive at the Mitake station.


We take the bus to reach the cable car.


We arrive to the start point of our trail and spend the morning to discover the village and the Musashi Mitake shrine on the top of the mountain.


Around 12 o clock, we will make a lunch break in one of the restaurants (limited choice) or will eat a lunchbox bought earlier in the day.


We will spend the afternoon at the discovering of the region, the Ayahiro waterfall and the rock garden.


We will take the descent cable car for the return.


We take the train towards Shinjuku.


Arriving at Shinjuku and end of the day.

nature in the heart of Tokyo

The Mitake Mountain is the holy mountain of Japan and is located in the national parc of Chichibu Tamakai. It is attached to the Ome city to the west of Tokyo.

With its 929 meters high, will the Mitake Mountain offer you a beautiful hike to reach its top and discover the shrine on it.

An appropriate getaway for nature lovers who wants to discover the nature of Tokyo.

Available all year long, It is famous among the population for its autumn colors.

After the meeting at the Shinjuku station, we will take te train towards de Ome region to start our day. 

At the arrival we will start to join the top and the trail thanks to the cable car.

We start our walk after taking off the cable car. We will discover the Musashi Mitake Jinja shrine.

After the lunchbreak in the region, we will spend the afternoon in a trail and will enjoy the panorama the region has to offer.

At the end of the day we will head back to Shinjuku by train to end our day.

  • Time : 10h day, where 4~5h trail

  • Group : from 1 to 5 people

  • Difficulty : easy

  • Place of departure : Shinjuku station

  • Price : 260 euros


Price : 36.000¥ | 260

Private group from 1 to 5 people

This formula is based on an ascent with a departure around 7am and a return at 7pm at the Shinjuku station.

For any other formula as an ascent with a night in a lodge on the top to enjoy a sunrise on Tokyo, please contact us for a custom quote.

Similar to the Takao Mountain, Mitake trail is reachable for everyone but will ask you some effort to reach its top. Wear good hikking shoes in case of climbing between Decembre and March. For more security, don't hesitate to take spikes with you.


From Spring to Autumn, wear comfortable and waterproof clothes. 

From Decembre to March, wear extra clothes and gloves in case of cold weather. We recommend you to check the weather forecast before your departure to wear appropriate clothes. The weather may change towards the ascent.


There are two choices : you can bring your own lunchbox or eat in a restaurant on the top of the mountain.




Tel: (+81) 80-6817-9220

Tokyo - Setagaya

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