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Tokyo Trip guide in Japan


Below you will find a brief description of the services that we provide during your stay in Tokyo, Kyoto or in other places in Japan.

We know that everyone is « unique » and deserves an unforgettable journey, suitable to your will, your rythm and mood. Our goal is to show you the most beautiful places of the country by adapting ourself to you.

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Learn Japan with Tokyo trip

The Japanese culture is very rich and so different from our Western habits.

During this walk, this will be the opportunity for me to share with you my knowledge of Tokyo's customs, traditions and way of life.

Photograph Japan with Tokyo trip

n addition to my City Coach activity, I am a professional photographer specializing in landscape photography.

If immortalizing your stay by learning how to use your camera during this day is what you need, let me know and we will leave together to capture the city.

Taste Japan with Tokyo trip

Always in the idea of a customized day, do not hesitate to let me know your culinary desires.


I will try to best meet your tasting wishes and enrich your palate with new Japanese flavors.

Save time in Japan with Tokyo trip
At the very beginning of planning your trip, you’ll appreciate the time saved. After determining together a global overview of the things you want to visit in Tokyo, I’ll draft you a visiting schedule and a route which will save you hours of research on the internet.
If required, we adapt the planning and circuits together until you are finally convinced by the proposed customized  visit. 
Organize your Japan travel  with Tokyo trip

Tokyo is a huge city, approximately 2200km², but you only have a short time to see the maximum.


The city is full of unusual places at a street corner or a crossroads. My goal will be to show them to you.

Discover Japan with Tokyo trip

Of course we will discover together the great classics in Tokyo, but let me also show you its small alleys, the more confidential and typical neighborhoods, all these exceptions that make Tokyo such a unique city.

Enjoy Japan with Tokyo trip

A walk together is also a good time to spend, without worrying about road maps, sophisticated means of transportation, but simply by opening your eyes wide.

It is important for me that your Tokyo experience is a pleasant memory and that you leave with a tenfolded interest for the capital and its culture.

Tranpot in Japan with Tokyo trip

The Tokyo subway is so complex and widespread that even with a subway map, you may have to puzzle and search for the shortest way to your destination and most likely you’ll end up taking detours.


Traveling by subway with a local guide changes the perception of the subway, cause he’ll make sure you take the shortest and cheapest route from point A to point B. Avoiding you getting stressed out, saving time and money so you can make the most out of your journey, that’s what it’s all about.

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