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Photography and Tokyo are two things that are going well together. 

According to my 2 weeks photography workshop and my daily tours with travelers, I decided to combine my 2 activities together to offer you a one-day Tour Tokyo Photography Workshop. 

No matter if you have only 1 free day during your stay in Japan and want to improve your photography or post-processing skills, I'll be glad to meet you at my one-to-one Tokyo Workshop. If you live in Japan, you're very welcome too! 

The way to process is very easy. First, I pick you up at the location of your choice (famous place, hotel lobby,...). Then I simply guide you through Tokyo’s nicest locations and it's surroundings by telling you stories, anecdotes, and obviously, shot some pictures. 

Of course, all this happens in a friendly atmosphere. 

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Available 7/7 and 365 days per year (and also around Tokyo on request)

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos 7 jours sur 7


According to your schedule

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos participants


From 1 to 3 maximum

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos lieux de départ


The meeting point will be in Tokyo

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos langue


French or English


The experience gained so far, as well on the photographic as the tour guide part, teach me that a training in a group context is not made for everyone. 

This can be explained with many reasons. Some people have their own way/rhythm to learn, others just prefer the intimacy of a smaller group, or many of you just can't join a two weeks workshop. 

For native people, traveling in the country during a 2 weeks workshop can be less interesting than a one-day tour. 

Thanks to my tour guide activity this last 8 years, I have been able to travel all around Japan from North to South (Hokkaido - Kyushu) passing by the summit of Mount Fuji. 

That’s why I decided to create this new photo tour and experience in this amazing city that is Tokyo. It's dedicated to those who want to discover it and learn photography in individual sessions with the coaching of a tutor. 

With the One-to-one Tokyo Workshop you decide about the day and the location (urban, architecture, nature,...) you want to visit. This workshop is built from your needs. 


According to the information you'll give me, I'll be able to build a tour with a couple of great locations and the kind of photography you're interested in. It will be adapted to the seasons of the year. 

Alternatively, you can give me an idea about the topics that you want to pursue such as shooting street photography, architecture, cityscapes or landscapes of Tokyo at sunrise/sunset. 

During our day of shooting in Tokyo, I'll be able to clarify any doubt in specific photographic areas with practical advice and theoretical knowledge 

Based on the chosen location I will suggest you some of the most interesting spots. We will capture beautiful pictures and evaluate the compositional choices in terms of light. 



And what going to learn?


These Tokyo photography tours are based on a 7h walk around the capital and/or its neighborhood. 

After discussing together about your expectations, we choose a meeting point and starting hour to finally go around the city to learn photography. 

These 7 hours can be decided at your convenience in timing between 8 am and 9 pm. 

When we will decide about the appointment, feel free to let me know the place and time you want to start. 

Our day will be spend in the capital by improving your photography skills. 

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos programme
Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos programme

What you will get during the day: 

The topics that will be discussed during the Tokyo Workshop (depending on the chosen level): 

• Tripod use optimization 

• Exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed) 

• Depth of Field 

• Advantages of using Manual mode or aperture mode depending on the situation. 

• Advantages of shooting in RAW format 

• Instruments for the composition and evaluation of the scene 

• Use of filters (Polarizer, ND, GND) 

• Basic post-production workflow (Lightroom, Photoshop) 

• Introduction to some advanced post-production techniques (Exposure Blending, HDR, Panorama), only for the ADVANCED level. 

The one-to-one Tokyo Workshop can also provide you on request a section related to Post-Processing (at the Fujifilm Plaza center) and it’s designed to improve your ability on photo editing and how to evaluate a digital image.  

All the fundamental steps will be treated, starting from the interpretation and RAW development in Lightroom or Camera Raw, following by the export of the image for the web and/or print. 


Below you will find a list of the minimum gear you need to bring for the day. For sure the most important is your camera with some lenses. Things like a tripod are optional and anyway, I will adapt myself to your gear. 

Please, let me know your photography skills in advance even if all the levels are more than welcome. The idea is to learn together! 

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos équipement


  • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera

  • The Lenses you use most ( ideally focal lengths 24-70mm and 70-200mm)

  • Batteries

  • A tripod

  • Memory Cards (a couple, if possible)

  • Clothing (adapting to season)


  • A wide-angle lense

  • A tripod

  • Filters

  • A laptop with lightroom if you want to learn post-processing

  • A remote control

  • The basic knowledge of photography

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos réservation


And schedule it


The best way to schedule your tour is to fill the contact form while giving me your best date and time. 

The day is based on an 8 hours long tour between 8h in the morning to 21h in the evening. 

So depending on your expectation if you prefer to shoot nighttime or sunset we can start later and enjoy night shooting in Tokyo. 

Let me know your best starting hour and the place of the meeting and I will do my best to adapt myself. 

What if our time schedule doesn't match due to my activity? 

In that case, we can reschedule it by email. I will contact you upon this issue or we can reschedule it via Whatsapp or Viber. In that case, please don't forget to give me your phone number. 



Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos prix

From 1 to 5 participants

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos prix

From 1 to 5 participants

33.000 ¥

249 €

Journée photos Tokyo et tour photos réserver


To book your day tour in Tokyo, please access to our booking form below!
If you have expectations regarding this day, feel free to share them with me!

I can't wait to meet you in Tokyo and frame-it it together!

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