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Source of idea and inspiration before your trip or memorable souvenir after your trip… Pictures are made to give us intense emotions, make us remember unforgettable moments.

New on the Tokyo Trip’s website, you will find a personal picture selection of Japan to decorate your house when you’re back at home.



Discover our online shop with unique pictures of Japan available in different finishes like paper print, frame or even Dibond with our without acrylic coating.

Each print is available in different sizes and shipping through all Europe.

I hope you will find the same happiness to hang it in your house than I capture it with my camera.


2020 and 2021 aren’t definitely normal years… but they let us work on this project not like the other too.

European travelers have been deprive of the discovering of many beautiful Japanese cities. To be able to make you travel on a different way or to help you making your first trip in Japan, we create an atypical tour guide project.

This photo book with more than 200 pages show you a different Japan where the beauty by picture is sufficient to describe the calm and serenity of the cities and landscapes you can find here. This book can be your personal tour guide for your next Japanese trip.


The Japanese paper guide mainly have the problem to be surpassed by the technology. Some of them just copy paste the adresses full of numbers. You need to know that in Japan, streets doesn’t have names and are only composed by many numbers.


With this book, we decided to make the trip of our travelers way easier by sharing an online map of the city you can reach with a « QR code ». On this map, you’ll have more than a thousand addresses in Japan.

During your discovering, don’t take heavy unnecessary stuff with you, just travel light with your online map. It will tells you the best routes to take and the most beautiful things to see regarding to your position.

Pre-order (only in french actually)