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Let's discover together the most known and unknown places that makes Japan such a unique country. Aware that travellers have little time, our goal is to show you the most possible.

Aware that the japanese culture is immensly rich and different, our walks will be the perfect moment to share our knowledges about the japanese traditions gained since 2013.

If you find some interest in capturing your stay through pictures, let us know. As a photographer, we could "capture" the city together ( 

Still in the idea of a customized day, don't hesitate to let us know your cullinar wishes. We will guide you to the appropriate restaurants, no matter your exceptions.

After identifying your wishes, we will make a planning together who would spend you hours of research on the internet. However, we know that a walk in a pleasant atmosphere very important is. Therefore, it is the most important for us to make from Japan an unforgettabla journey to you.

Even if the japanese railway the most efficient is in the world, sometimes, they can be really complex. For this reason we will make you win some time by taking shorter routes.

Tokyo Trip guide touristique Tokyo
Tokyo Trip guide touristique au Japon
Tokyo Trip guide touristique au Japon
Tokyo Trip guide touristique au Japon
Tokyo Trip guide touristique au Japon
Tokyo Trip guide touristique au Japon
Tokyo Trip guide touristique au Japon
Tokyo Trip guide touristique au Japon
Get around
Saving time


Visit the old capital


Thrill to the atmospheres of


Discover & taste the cooking of


Our concept is pretty simple. First, Tokyo Trip welcomes you from your arrival in the country, your hotel or a prediscussed place in Tokyo. Second, Tokyo Trip guides you to the most beautiful places of the capital city and its surroundings. It can be well known, unknown or even unusual places followed by many anecdotes and details. This all happens in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

We have one goal: to share with you as many things as possible from Japan and the city of your choice during 8h a day or more. According to us, every traveler is unique and comes to visit Japan with his own expectations, wishes and preferences. The cities have so much to offer that we will do our best to fulfill your expectations and wishes by offering you a custom made day tour very different from the classic or pre-build tours.


The fundamentals of our job is to bring you to the essentials in the well known places, the most far places and even places difficult to reach. 

Tokyo Trip guide au Japon

Half day 4H

You have little time ? Let us bring you to the hart of the city for a morning or afternoon high in colors.

26.000¥ | 195€

full day 8H

Day on a 100% Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka rythm...

Discover the many districts from one of these cities all different in atmosphere.

33.000¥ | 245€

full day & evening 10h

Extend the experience until the sunset and more by enjoying the night lights and atmosphere from cities of Japan.

39.000¥ | 295€

Our packages

Below, you'll find our three different schedule applicable regarding the region you want to visit. We will give the most of ourselves to enjoy these moments together.


Tel: (+81) 80-6817-9220

Tokyo - Setagaya

Give us one day

and get yourself surprised


Give yourself the service between one of our tour guides in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. They will make your walks and movement easier while you enjoy and discover the beauties and cultural specificities.

Guide you to Tokyo and its surroundings :


Founder of Tokyo Trip and living in Japan since 2013, he mastered his environment, sometimes complex, and will make you discover the city in a peaceful atmosphere

Fabian San Martin guide Tokyo

Guide you to Tokyo and its surroundings :

FABIAN San martin

Newcomer in the crew, this young trilingual belgian (Eng/Fr/Nl) will share the Japan he discovered since his first travel in 2016.

Guide you to Kyoto, Osaka and its surroundings :


More comfortable in humansized cities, Michael is living in Kyoto and will make you discover the beauties of his adopted city and the Osaka region.

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