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Frequently asked questions

A local tour guide "in your language" is really usefull to hear about the story and component of the country.

To be able to visit a city on the right way, a tour guide located and living in the country is a real asset.

This is why we set this new tour guide service up. Absolutely in love of their host country and pretty far from the traditional academic tours.

As a tour guide we don't impose anything cause you will let us know what you want to visit. We will just help you by suggesting some ideas once we meet.

Together, we will discover a city of your choice and will propose many districts suggestions during our walk. 

All the hassles regarding the journeys in metros will dissapear and will avoid the loss of time that happens unavoidably while you're visiting Japan for the first time.

You're a couple on holiday, a group of friends, a businessman between two meetings, a doctor in a seminar, a reporter in mission... You have only a few hours to visit the city and want to avoid the search hassle of a day ? Here is a good reason to enjoy the few time you have.

We shall visit Tokyo together in a private and friendly atmosphere on a rational and enjoyable way.

How does it work ?

Our crew is made by Japanlovers who are fed by the country.

Since its creation in 2013 had Tokyo Trip the chance to guide thousands of travellers in Japan. Both for private travellers as professionals.

May we trust you ?

No. Our goal isn't to exhaust you but more to make you discover the country at your rythm and in a pleasant spirit.

Some people prefer to take the metro to go to a place to another while others prefer to walk, take the bus, taxi or even move with a bike.

However it is true that during this days you will have to walk.

Wear comfortable walking shoes who will make your walk more smooth during your day.

Is it tiring ?

The amount can be paid by international bank transfer (*), via PayPal or onsite the day of visit.

If you pay by international transfer, notice that the money has to be credited on the Tokyo Trip account minimum 5 days before the tour.

(*) The international transfer costs are at your expense.

When do we have to pay ?

The half day price, full day price or full day price & evening include the tour guide service.

No additional costs as metro or lunch will be asked.

Lunch will be taken in a local restaurant where Tokyo Trip retains a budget of maximum 1.000¥.

The shown prices don't include your food, transports, museum or any other extra consts linked to a purchase done in a shop or any other spending.

What includes a Tokyo Trip day ?

You decide between two different options. 

If we are in a neigbourhood you like and haven't enjoyed enough, we will separate there (we don't want to force you to go back to the hotel). We will let you know some eating places even as what to do there.

However, if you prefer to go back to your hotel at the end of the day and are a little bit afraid of the "complex" metro, we will ensure to bring you back at your hotel at the end of our service.

What happens at the end of the day ?

Of course, it isn't always easy to take group photos during your trip.

We will be very happy to immortalize your stay with your device or with our own device if you prefer. If you choose for the last one, we will do our best to send you these pictures by mail very soon.

Can you take pictures of us ?

Most of the time, we will move by feet (plan to wear good sneakers).

However, we will frequently take the train, metro, bus or even the bike. Sometimes a ferry according to the neighbourhood.

What are the transport we used during a visit ?

Absolutely. As mentionned above, days are "unique" as much as people are. It is our job to adapt ourself to your requests and desires. They can be oriented as well as themed days, typically Japanese, traditional, Tokyo style, Otaku, geek, amusement park or more !

Can we ask some request ?

We are committed to answer you within 24 hours.


However, to ensure a better availibility, it may be better to book in advance regarding to the prefered season.

How much in advance do I have to book to receive an answer ?

Either in a normal tour day in a city, riding with a bike or hikes, Tokyo Trip can't be responsible in case of personal accident or any lack of respect to the Japanese rules.

We highly recommend you to take an insurance fo the entire stay. Mainly a temporary travel insurance including repatriation.

What happens in cas of accidents ?

Fan of Tokyo, Nicolas is also an animal lover and more specifically his two Bulldogs who lives with him in Tokyo.

The first one is a French Bulldog named Léopold while the second is an English Bulldog named Charlotte.

During all these years, Léopold and Charlotte met (to customer demand) with many travellers and travel partners while discovering the city.

Nicolas whished to have this logo as a winky eye to thank his dogs. They took a big place in his life by participating their own way to the success of Tokyo Trip and the integration with Japanese people.

Why a dog as logo ?


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