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The tours that 

forged the Tokyo Trip DNA

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Private group from 1 to 5 people

Thrill to atmosphere of a modern capital city, full of activities and that could keep its Japanese authenticity and history.


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Borrow the history roads of Japan, its authentic and historic neighbourhoods, its shrines and alleys.


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Don't miss the less known Osaka, third biggest city of Japan with its personal identity and well known to be the city of the Japanese cuisine.


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Recognizable with its free walking deer in the parcs and streets, this city is part of the World Heritage of Humankind since 1998.

36.000¥ | 265€


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Visit the Tokugawa Ieyasu mosoleum and its shrines part of the Unesco World Heritage Site since 1999. Nikko is located in a national parc 140km away from Tokyo.

39.000¥ | 280€


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Discover this city who deserves his development from his port activities. Close from Tokyo, it is seen as the 2nd city of Japan.

33.000¥ | 245€


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Give yourself a wonderful panorama of the Fuji mountain. At the Japanese size is Kawaguchiko seen as a small village with only 25.000 inhabitants, "relaxing".

36.000¥ | 265€


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Located in the southeast of Osaka, Koyasan has over 117 buddhst temples that will help you to discover the fundaments of Japanese buddhisme.

36.000¥ | 265€


Private group from 1 to 5 people

Discover the charming coastal city and its Buddha. This city from the Miura peninsula evolved in a "self-sustaining" city (when modernity meet history).

35.000¥ | 255€

Half day 4H

You have little time ? Let us bring you to the hart of the city for a morning or afternoon high in colors.

26.000¥ | 195€

Full day 8H

Day on a 100% Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka rythm...

Discover the many districts from one of these cities all different in atmosphere.

33.000¥ | 245€

Full day & evening10h

Extend the experience until the sunset and more by enjoying the night lights and atmosphere from cities of Japan.

39.000¥ | 295€


Below you'll find our three different applicable schedules and prices by offering you the best tour guide service possible.

For a good understanding and to master your budget, our prices are made for groups from one to five people avoiding "hiden" costs.

The surroundings

The region of Nara, Yokohama and more are only available in the 8h full day formula cause of the long distance from our activity base (Tokyo / Kyoto / Osaka).

As always, our specialists are able to make you enjoy these moments together as much as possible.

Our full day formula 8H

On request

Our crew had the chance to help plenty of professionals of images in their project (R.T.B.F., Maximilien Dauber and more). According to your needs and region, we will create a custom quote ! 


Let us know your wishes and desires by mail.

To book your day, just go on our booking page and fill in the online form.

We will give you confirmation about our availibilities and your booking within the 24h.

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Tokyo - Setagaya

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