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Discovering Japan

off the beaten track


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Our one day hikes or more 

Discovering a country and its culture is also by going off the beaten track. 

Tokyo Trip recently started his own hikings "around Tokyo of Kyoto".

Did you know that Japan mainly remains rural ? As a volcanic island, the population distribution is concentrated alongside the megalopolis. It means that 75% of the bucolic space gives wonderful panoramas with a view on the Fuji Mountain above huge agglomerations.

As a Japan and walk lover, our passion made us discover the 47 prefectures of the country by climbing some of the most beautiful tops of the country.

We would like to share our experience with adventurous travellers being curious of discovering big natural spaces.

Knowing that this hike may be a short stopover during your full planed trip, we have selected the most beautiful trails outside Tokyo and Kyoto by adapting the hike level to your wishes.

See you soon on the top of Japan.

Takao Mountain

Difficulty : easy

nature a few steps from Tokyo

The Takao Mountain or Takao san is only 55 min away from Shinjuku (central station of Tokyo). It has seven marked hiking trails reaching 599 meters of altitude... 

Period : All year round | Region : Tokyo

Fuji mountain

Difficulty : advanced

Climb on the roof of Japan

Who has never heard about the Fuji Mountain ? Mythical and international symbol of Japan, the revered Fuji san inspire as much as it impress with its 3.776 meters high.

Period : 1st of July to the 10th of Septembre | Region : Tokyo

Mitake mountain

Difficulty : easy

Nature in the heart of Tokyo

The Mitake Mountain is the holy mountain of Japan and is located in the national parc of Chichibu Tamakai. It is attached to the Ome city to the west of Tokyo.

Period : All year round | Region : Tokyo

Mitsutoge mountain

Difficulty : intermediate

One of the most beautiful view of the Fuji mountain

If you're looking for a hike near Tokyo with a stunning view of the Fuji Mountain, the Mitsutoge Mountain is the perfect destination.

Period : All year round | Region : Tokyo


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