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Tokyo Trip : tour guide in Japan Kamakura trail

Kamakura TRAIL

Full day

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Tokyo Trip : tour guide in Kamakura Fabian San Martin guide lors de la randonée de Kamakura
Tokyo Trip : tour guide in Kamakura full day
Tokyo Trip : tour guide in Kamakura visit Kencho-ji temple
Kamakura trail guided tour

Kamakura off the beaten track

This walk in the heights of Kamakura is made for those who are looking for a one day trip near Tokyo. It offers a short trail and affordable for everyone, with some view on the Fuji mountain, shrines and temples.


Located in the Kanagawa prefecture among the pacific Ocean, Kamakura is an important city of Japan. Kamakura kept its many old time temples and shrines. It offers plenty of trails offering you a stunning view on the Fuji mountain by good weather.

Discover this itinerary who will bring you at the Hase-Dera temple until the Kotoku-in Buddha where we will start our walk in the trail to discover many temples to finally end our tour in the Kencho-ji temple.

We will start at the Marunouchi square in front of the Tokyo station at 08h45. After a quick meeting we will take the train to Kamakura where the morning will be spend for the meeting of the city and the discovering of the first temples.


In the afternoon (lunch taken) we will start our hike of 4~5 kilometers and will end it at the Kencho-ji temple.

Once the visit of this temple is done, we will head back to the Kamakura station.


Back at the station, we will give you the possibility to go back together to the capital city or will redirect you to the Enoshima island for the sunset.

  • Time : 08h full day visit, including a 3h trail

  • Group : from 1 to 5 people

  • Difficulty : easy

  • Place of departure : Tokyo Station

  • Price : 280 euros

Price : 43.000¥ | 280

Private group from 1 to 5 people

This formula is based on an 8hour day in Kamakura, including 3.5 hours of hike. With a departure at 8:45  from Tokyo station and a return before 17h at the same station.

The hike on the heights of Kamakura is affordable for everyone as. much as walking isn't a problem for you. Only plan to wear good shoes and clothes according to the season.

Tokyo trip Kamakura trail tours guide in english


From Spring to Autumn wear comfortable clothes adapted to the climate in Tokyo.

In the Winter is it recommended to wear an extra cloth in case of cold temperature.

The best is to check the weather forecast to wear the appropriate clothes. 

Tokyo trip Kamakura trail tour


After our departure from Tokyo we will pass by many « convienence store » where you will be able to buy some water. We can even buy a picnic before our departure of the Kotoku-in to be able to eat it on the road.

Tokyo trip Kamakura trail guided tour



Tokyo Trip : Japan kamakura kencho-ji temple sanctuary



Meeting point at the Marunouchi square at the Tokyo station.


After having met, we will head to the platform to take the train going to Kamakura.


Arriving at the Kamakura station and going to Hase-Dera.


We will visit the Hase Dera and Kõtoku-in shrine (big Buddha).


We take the lunch near Kotoku-in or buy a picnic we will eat during our walk.


Start of the Daibutsu-Kuzuharagaoka trail. 


Visit of the Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku-jinja shrine.


Arriving and visiting the Kencho-ji temple (possibility to climb until the panoramic view).


Arriving at the Kamakura station and going back to Tokyo.


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